Economic Legislation

Economic Legislation Resources

This webpage serves as a central repository for advocates engaged in the economic legislation debate or who want to find ways get involved. Congress has an opportunity to keep up momentum in our recovery by passing legislation that lowers costs and helps millions of people make ends meet. An economic package should include:

  • Investments in child care and pre-k that would provide much-needed care to kids in all 50 states and help parents work;
  • Expanded health care and key health benefits, including closing the Medicaid coverage gap, extending the enhanced ACA marketplace premium subsidies that helped millions afford individual coverage last year, improving access to postpartum coverage, continuous Medicaid coverage for children, and possible investments in home- and community-based elder care;
  • Some expansion of the Child Tax Credit, with the focus on securing permanent refundability.

Issue by Issue Analyses

Resources to Support Your Efforts

  • Talking PointsUse these talking points to help make the case on why Congress should pass legislation that lowers costs and helps millions of people make ends meet.
  • President Biden’s 2023 Budget
    • President Biden’s 2023 budget calls for a range of policies that would boost opportunity and reduce poverty, improve health and well-being, and advance widely shared prosperity
    • CBPP Statement: President’s Budget Would Support Children and Families, Strengthen the Economy
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