Build Back Better

“Build Back Better”

Recovery Legislation Resources

This webpage serves as a central repository for advocates engaged in the recovery debate or who want to find ways get involved. This is likely our one shot in this Congress to pass transformational policies that help address racial disparities in health, housing, and income. This opportunity may not come again for years, if not decades.

State by State Impact of Build Back Better Plan

[Updated 12/17]

  • White House state-by-state factsheets on the Build Back Better Framework
  • State-by-state estimates of the tax provisions in Build Back Better
  • Third Way Report on what Build Back Better means for families in every state
  • State-by-state data on the child care provisions contained in Build Back Better
  • Child Tax Credit (CTC)-
    • Treasury Department report with state data on CTC payments distributed in December 2021
    • Benefits for children in your state from making the full CTC permanently available to children in families with the lowest incomes, broken down by various racial and ethnic categories (Appendix Table 1)
    • State one-pagers from the National Immigration Law Center and the Children Thrive Action Network on how children in immigrant families would be impacted.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)- Benefits for working adults without children in your state from permanently extending the EITC expansion, broken down by race and ethnicity (Table 1)
  • Medicaid Coverage Gap and Health Premium Tax Credits-
    • Table 1 of CBPP’s report shows the number of people who would gain coverage in your state by Race/Ethnicity
    • Data on the impact of reductions in marketplace premiums (which would be extended under Build Back Better) for older people in your state above 400% of poverty (Table 1)
    • State factsheets about the Medicaid coverage gap in non-expansion states to make the urgent case for closing the gap by recovery legislation.
  • Housing Vouchers- Breakdown of households and people that would be helped by the voucher expansion under Build Back Better (Table 1).
  • Child Nutrition- Breakdown of children eligible for Pandemic EBT benefits in your state (Table 5), which would be extended under Build Back Better to help families afford groceries in the summer

Resources to Support Your Efforts

Highlight of Amazing Work Happening

  • RESULTS Experts on Poverty Maureen Bowling speaking about the impact the Child Tax Credit expansion has had on her family
  • Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center analysis of how BBB will help Pennsylvanians
  • Montana Budget and Policy Center blog on how BBB will help Montana
  • op-ed by The Commonwealth Institute, New Virginia Majority, and the Virginia Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance on how BBB is essential to helping Virginia families
  • Michigan League for Public Policy and Michigan Community Action op-ed on how BBB can support children and families in Michigan
  • News article citing Every Texan on the Medicaid Coverage Gap
  • Children’s Action Alliance blog on how the current BBB framework will accomplish so much good for Arizona’s families and workforce